4 Delicious Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

May 29, 2017

4 Delicious Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Best known for its mouth-watering flavour and high-caffeine content, coffee has become a staple tradition for modern Brits. From starting off the working day right with an espresso to enjoying good conversation over a skinny cappuccino, the nation’s coffee drinking habits mean that - for many of us - this hot drink has fast-become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Our consumption of coffee, and the high doses of caffeine in it, has been the focus of scientific studies time and time again - and while some reports suggest that we should alternate drinking our usual coffee with decaf, there is evidence to suggest that even black coffee has countless health benefits. That’s why today, we’re spilling the beans on some of the best reasons to keep on drinking freshly-brewed coffee - as if the enticing tastes and sweet aromas weren’t enough of an excuse already!

1. Coffee health benefits: caffeine could improve memory

Caffeine may be the world’s most well-known central nervous system stimulant, but it’s not just the improved alertness from the rise in adrenalin and increased blood flow to the heart that bears an impact on coffee-drinkers’ cognitive health. A recent study showed that participants who consumed 200mg of caffeine had a significantly better memory in the subsequent 24 hours, as opposed to the placebo group - meaning caffeine is likely to enhance your short-term memory for up to 24 hours after consumption.


2. Coffee lowers the risk of multiple sclerosis

With scientists suggesting that coffee could prevent the neural inflammation that is thought to lead to the development of multiple sclerosis, many experts in the field are recommending that the population focuses on consuming the neuroprotective properties that come with this caffeinated drink, rather than only enjoying decaf coffee. Health benefits identified in recent research include a prevention of both the development and recurrence of the disease - based on the consumption of at least 4 cups of caffeinated coffee per day.


3. Black coffee can boost fitness levels

While the frappuccino with extra whipped cream may not have such a profound effect, studies shows that drinking black coffee an hour before physical exercise could mean that you can train harder, for longer. Consuming 3-4 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight will reduce the amount of fatigue-inducing chemical messages that are transmitted - and when it comes to postworkout aftercare, coffee could be responsible for lowering muscle pain after exercise by up to 48%.


4. Caffeine health benefits: reducing the risk of cancer

The correlation between non-coffee drinkers and the increased risk of cancer has been the subject of countless scientific studies - but it’s the research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School which revealed that caffeine is likely to be the main reason for reducing the likelihood of being diagnosed with the disease. While decaffeinated coffee had no effect on the risk of skin cancer, women who drank over three cups of coffee per day were found to be 20% less likely to develop the most common type of the skin disease - in comparison to women who consumed less than one cup per month.

There’s much more to coffee than its irresistible aromas and decadent flavours, and with science providing the evidence for countless physical and mental health benefits, there’s every reason to treat yourself to a first-class cup of coffee each day. There’s nothing more important than your overall well-being, and investing in an easy-to-use home coffee machine and capsules means that you can feel all of coffee’s health benefits - as well as enjoying the extensive range of indulgent and innovative blends.

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