Your Customised Caffeine Fix: Decaf Fanatic Edition

December 21, 2017

Your Customised Caffeine Fix: Decaf Fanatic Edition

For you, it’s not the caffeine that makes coffee worth drinking. From delectable flavours to irresistible aromas, there are plenty of incredible qualities that make coffee so amazing besides the energy kick - and for decaf fanatics like you, it’s these that make coffee beans so appealing.

In the final instalment of our ‘Customised Caffeine Fix’ blog series, we’re looking at our range of decaf coffee products, proving you don’t need caffeine to appreciate beautiful flavour.

Decaf Nespresso-compatible pods

When it comes to coffee-loving homeowners, most have a coffee machine at hand in their kitchen. For those that love this convenience, our decaf coffee pods are ideal. Usable with any Nespresso machine, you can use these pods to make a mouthwatering cup with ease - which makes them the ideal option for anyone who likes a hot drink before work or on the go. You’ll find flavour here in abundance. From hints of nuts and toasted seeds to the fresh taste of citrus, with this blend, you can forget about the caffeine kick and simply enjoy the exceptional taste of this 100% Arabica coffee.

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Decaf Responsible coffee beans

If you want your coffee to come in its natural state, our decaf coffee beans offer just that. Whether it’s an after-dinner indulgence or a midday treat, brewing your own beans will make sure every possible flavour finds its way into your cup - and, with our decaffeinated beans, we’ve made sure you don’t lose out on either their taste or aroma. The all-natural CO2 process we use makes this possible, allowing the beans to retain their delicious smell and taste while taking out the caffeine.

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100% Arabica Natural Ground Decaf

Ground coffee is a firm favourite amongst coffee fans - whether decaffeinated or not. Providing a comfortable middle ground between pods and whole beans, a ground blend offers a sensational cup of coffee that requires only a little more effort to make than capsules. With a bag of this decaf ground coffee, prioritising taste over a caffeine kick is easy to do - as it boasts beautiful hints of cereals and nuts to tantalise your taste buds.

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Compostable, Nespresso-compatible decaf coffee pods

For eco-conscious coffee lovers who prefer to avoid caffeine, our decaf Nespresso-compatible capsules are also available in a 100% organic, compostable version. With these pods, you can put the planet first while enjoying the rich taste of Novell Coffee - simply composting them after use instead of throwing them away. The signature taste and smell of our decaf blend (smoky nuts, toasted cereals and a citrusy aroma) is just as clear here - so whether you only buy organic products or you’re simply mindful of excessive waste, these decaf pods provide an Earth-friendly way to indulge in a caffeine-free cup of flavourful coffee.

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Coffee is so much more than just caffeine. Unforgettable taste, divine aromas and the sweet sensation of a hot drink make coffee appealing to just about anyone - and that means caffeine doesn’t have to take centre-stage when it comes to choosing the blend for you. With our selection of decaf coffee options, you’ll have heavenly hot drinks at your fingertips day and night - so order yours online today.

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