6 Simple Reasons to Buy Organic Coffee

August 14, 2017

6 Simple Reasons to Buy Organic Coffee

If there’s one thing coffee lovers take pride in, it’s finding the perfect blend. The complex characteristics of coffee span aromas, origins, flavours and colour - and we’re always on the hunt for a variety that ticks all of the boxes. As a nation that consumes an astonishing 55 million cups of the good stuff everyday, it’s important we not only think about taste but about the process through which our coffee was grown, harvested and exported.

Organic coffee has continued to rise in popularity in recent years - and for good reason. We’re becoming more aware of the impact that our food and drink has on our health, the farmers and our planet. There are plenty of reasons you should pick organic, fair trade coffee over conventional coffee alternatives and, in today’s article, we’ll be taking you through six of the big ones.

1. You’ll support the farmers

Organic coffee plantations are almost always fair trade compliant, which means the producers receive a fair wage and operate in decent working conditions - therefore supporting local communities in the process. On conventional farms, workers can be mistreated, underpaid and overworked, as they receive relatively little protection from buyers or their government. Making the decision to buy organic coffee directly benefits the farmers who produce the beans, so it’s worth the small extra cost.

2. You won’t be consuming chemicals

Because organic coffee is grown naturally, farmers don’t use nasty pesticides and chemical fertilisers during the growing or production process. Instead, organic fertilisers are used in their place. This means that the coffee you drink will be cleaner, as well as the immediate area in which the coffee is grown. When conventional coffee is grown using synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, a downpour of rain can cause the chemicals in the ground to run into local rivers and pollute the environment further downstream. By choosing organic coffee, you ensure both yourself and the environment don’t consume these harmful chemicals.

3. You’ll combat deforestation

When grown the natural way, coffee flourishes best in shaded conditions. Certain ‘hybrid’ varieties have been altered to grow most productively in the sunlight - and it’s this type that most conventional coffee farmers use. Because sunlight contributes to a coffee plant’s growth, forests are often cut down to make way for larger plantations that allow the sun’s rays to cover the crops.

Many of these forests, particularly in places such as South America, are home to complex ecosystems and unique species of animals that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. With 60% of the areas suitable to grow coffee being covered by forest, it’s alarming that this deforestation might continue to happen. By opting for organic coffee over conventional alternatives, you support coffee that is grown sustainably and with the environment in mind instead.

4. Better tasting coffee

For people who buy organic coffee on a regular basis, they can vouch for the superior taste. Whether you use organic coffee pods or grind your coffee beans by hand, it’s hard to deny the clean, unadulterated flavour of 100% organic coffee. This is mostly down to the growing methods: growing shaded in nutrient-rich soil and without contamination by pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, organic coffee beans grow slower, finer and with a more authentic, richer taste. Better yet, but farmers are paid more for their crops, which means more money can go back into plantation maintenance - caring for the crops and the local environment, too.

If you already have a capsule machine at home, our organic Nespresso-compatible coffee pods are also 100% compostable - meaning you can put the planet first without compromising on your coffee’s flavour.

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5. Healthier coffee

On conventional coffee plantations, soil can quickly become eroded and polluted with chemicals - depleting its natural mineral richness. Because organic coffee is grown carefully and free from unhealthy chemicals, the nutrients found naturally in organically fertilised soil will pass through into the beans you’ll eventually drink. By going organic, you’ll be able to benefit from extra antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can protect against cell damage and strengthen your immune system.

6. You’ll have peace of mind

Healthier beans, well-paid farmers and minimal damage to the environment ensures that, with every cup of organic coffee, you know you’re doing your part to support your body and the environment. Conventional farming is unsustainable - and with the planet already feeling the effects of climate change and global warming, it’s up to consumers to choose whether the coffee they drink will contribute to or combat the problem. By opting for organic, you make the decision to invest in sustainable practices and the future of coffee farming.

The benefits of trading conventional coffee for an organic alternative are far-reaching. Ultimately, it’s up to you to put our planet first - and when you buy organic coffee, planet Earth comes first in every mug.

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