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Finding the Best Coffee Beans for You

May 22, 2017

Finding the Best Coffee Beans for You

With 58 years spent perfecting the coffee experience and learning all there is to know about those magical beans, we’re in an ideal position to help you choose the best bean for you. However you choose to get your coffee fix, we have a lot to thank this miracle elixir for. Whether it's your morning saviour or celebratory beverage after a difficult day, there’s no denying the power of a nice hot brew.

So, why not make your favourite drink extra-personal, and find the perfect coffee bean for you?


Decaf Responsible (UTZ certified)

Just because this bean is decaffeinated, doesn’t mean to say there isn't a divine coffee experience waiting for you. At Novell Coffee, our premium 100% Arabica decaf coffee beans are produced using a completely natural decaffeination CO2 process that maintains the full aroma and taste.

Decaf coffee has long been associated with a variety of health benefits, due to its antioxidant content and other active ingredients. From anti-aging agents to properties proven to lower cholesterol, these are among the best coffee beans for anyone hoping to make 2017 a year of healthy changes while being able to enjoy the same treats they always have.


Gourmet Mocca (UTZ certified)

For lovers of the sweet and sublime, our Gourmet Mocca is the ideal coffee bean. A whirlwind of flavour, our 100% Arabica Mocca coffee beans include notes of caramel, roasted nuts and bitter chocolate, with a hint of vanilla. All in one brilliant bean? You bet.

Mocca is a cup of pure contentment that can be enjoyed at any time, especially as an after-dinner treat. If coffee is more about delight than dependence to you, this is a match made in hot drink heaven.


Organic Fairtrade (triple certified)

Adding to the beauty of this delicious drink is the knowledge that each sip is completely pure and fairly produced. Our 100% Arabica organic fair trade coffee is made up of a combination of four different Ethiopian coffee beans, and this results in a flavour that is intriguingly complex. With its floral, citrus and cocoa notes, this creative coffee bean is a trip around the tropics in a sip.

Perfect for those hoping to change the world one cup at a time, taking a sip of our Organic Fairtrade is a great way to start. This fair trade organic coffee is clean and exquisite, offering a healthy solution to your caffeine fix.


Excelsior Plus

Another coffee with noble origins is the 100% Arabica Excelsior Plus. Plus in both name and nature, this bountiful bean excels in flavour, aroma and adaptability. Created with a combination of beans from four different continents, these scrumptious coffee beans offer a hearty experience with connotations from the floral to the fruity.

Our Excelsior Plus beans are ideal for cocktail connoisseurs and dinner party hosts, as they can be expertly adapted as a cocktail ingredient and dining accompaniment. On top of all that, this luxurious coffee is also a delicious option when it comes to your daily fix.


Especial Cafeterias

If you like your coffee intense and adventurous, Especial Cafeterias is about to become your go-to. This coffee bean offers a rich sensory experience and combines a strong taste with creamy undertones to create an all-round silky flavour, thanks to its luxurious blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee. With a variety of infusions from liquorice to chamomile to caramel, a cup of Especial is a refreshing and hearty experience.

If you’re looking for a bean that offers an exciting kick alongside a decadent flavour, Especial Cafeterias is one of the best coffee beans available.


Gourmet Responsible (UTZ certified)

The ideal coffee bean for those wanting a breath of fresh air, Gourmet Responsible is beautifully balanced and bodied. This adaptable coffee is intense in flavour and perfect in cappuccinos, with soft tones of chocolate, caramel, vanilla and cereals running throughout.

Premium Arabica and Guatemalan Robusta beans give these coffee beans their distinct flavour - offering a rich and rewarding experience for coffee lovers of all tastes.


Gourmet Responsible coffee beans

The world of coffee is as complex as it is delicious, meaning that customising your coffee can seem like a mammoth task. However, with this guide to our diverse range of coffee beans, you shouldn’t struggle to find a cup that suits you.

Check out our scrumptious selection of coffee beans to find your flavour, and simply order online to have the ultimate cup of coffee delivered to your door.

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