Coffee Pods vs. Instant Coffee: Why It's Time to Upgrade

June 21, 2017

Coffee Pods vs. Instant Coffee: Why It's Time to Upgrade

British stereotypes may revolve around our tea-drinking habits but, with the nation getting through 55 million cups of coffee per day last year, there’s no denying the fact that we’re a nation of coffee lovers. For many of us, instant coffee is a morning must-have - but with the continued rise of home-serve coffee machines and eco-friendly coffee capsules, there’s no reason we should continue to miss out on the variety of mouth-watering flavours and aromas that come with this indulgent alternative.

From an intense espresso to a smooth-tasting almond milk latte, at Novell Coffee, we make it our business to bring you the great-tasting coffee you love (and deserve). Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or can’t function without a caffeine fix, there are countless reasons to indulge in our Nespresso-compatible coffee - and that’s why, today, we’re breaking down why you should say goodbye to instant and treat yourself to our aromatic and exotic coffee capsules instead.


Enjoy a more decadent taste than instant


Thanks to the array of easy-to-use coffee machines on the market, the days where instant coffee seemed the easiest way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home are long gone. With this in mind, there’s no longer any reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the irresistible aromas and flavoursome taste of a barista-style coffee. Each of our single-serve Nespresso-compatible capsules contains the finest ingredients, guaranteeing a decadent taste in every cup - and the ease of using a home-serve coffee machine means you can treat your tastebuds to an authentic cup of coffee without the hassle.


Embrace the exotic origins of each blend


All of our Nespresso-compatible capsules are made using either 100% Arabica coffee or a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans - meaning even the most discerning coffee lovers will be able to find their perfect match. Sourced from Brazil and Central America, all of our 100% compostable Nespresso-compatible coffee pods are certified organic, so you can be confident that the authentic ingredients used to make each cup will guarantee a great taste every time.


Find your own flavour


Our reliance on instant coffee may mean we’ve become accustomed to drinking just one particular type of dried coffee - but with the variety of flavours that come with Nespresso-compatible coffee pods, you can, at last, find a coffee that’s suited to your individual tastes. So, whether you’re looking for an intense cup that stands out for its persistence or an elegant blend which boasts rich, floral aromas, with a Nespresso-compatible coffee pod, you can enjoy your coffee your way.


Choose a strength that suits you


From a creamy, decadent cup to something a little stronger, there are options galore when it comes to Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules. Each of our coffee blends offer something unique - so enjoy a healthy dose of caffeine with our Cremoso range or, for a slightly acidic and balanced cup that’s free from caffeine and chemical aftertastes, why not try our Decaffeinato pods?

Advantages of Nespresso pods over instant coffee


Enjoy a guilt-free treat with compostable Nespresso-compatible pods


Disposing of single-use coffee capsules can often seem unappealing for coffee drinkers who are concerned about the environment - but with the rise of compostable coffee pods, there’s no longer any reason to choose to drink instant coffee in the name of planet Earth. While most Nespresso-compatible coffee pods are not accepted in recycling collections, Novell Coffee is a pioneer in the compostable capsule department - so you can enjoy your barista-style cup of coffee, knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Learn more about our luxurious, 100% compostable capsules and treat yourself to a different class of coffee.