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The Importance Of Mental Health And Supporting Each Other During Lockdown

January 22, 2021

The Importance Of Mental Health And Supporting Each Other During Lockdown

The pandemic has caused short-term and long-term impacts on every aspect of our lives. From work to home, living through the strict lockdown measures are taking an ever-increasing mental toll on people everywhere. Fortunately, we have coffee, and we have each other, and, with that, we can get through just about anything.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the different ways the lockdown can affect us and the people we care about:

Social Isolation

Millions of people are affected by social isolation and they start to lose meaning in their lives. Not only that, but they are unable to interact with other people directly, which makes it even more difficult for them to express their feelings. Unless a group of friends, co-workers and relatives agree to have regular video conferencing sessions, social isolation can become a serious problem.

Financial-Related Stress

Loss of income, unemployment, or slow business can affect mental wellbeing too. Financial-related stress has been associated with an increased rate of suicidal thoughts and depression among professionals and business owners around the world.

Ways To Support Each Other During The Pandemic

The unprecedented scale and nature of the pandemic have highlighted the importance of social supports to prevent or address ongoing mental issues. Here are some ways that we can support each other during strict lockdowns:

Be Together

Many people feel assurance and safety by gathering with other people, including through video conferences or online support groups. It can be relieving to know that everyone feels the same way or has the same issues. Schedule daily coffee breaks together so you can chat and share your feelings with one another.

Express Feelings

People should express their feelings to one another to create a supportive environment. Talking over coffee is a good way for people to share their feelings comfortably. It could be a healing and therapeutic experience, listening without being judgmental.

Share Helpful Information

Relevant, accurate, and helpful information can make people feel at ease. It could be any detail related to health, safety, career, or finance. Members of a support team could share their experiences in dealing with the COVID-related situations and recommend certain websites or books that provide useful information.

Learn New Skills Together

Through weekly video conferencing coffee breaks, a group of people could learn new skills that can improve their productivity and personal fulfilment. This can create a common sense of achievement and prevent social withdrawal. Despite the prolonged lockdown, they can keep growing personally, intellectually, and psychologically.

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