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Your Guide to Guilt-Free Coffee at Home

June 08, 2017

Your Guide to Guilt-Free Coffee at Home

Whether it’s your morning must-have for kick-starting the day or a staple of your social life, coffee is a much-loved beverage across the globe - making it crucial that each of us are doing our bit when it comes to environmental impact. Whether it’s ensuring fair wages or protecting the planet during the production process, there are a number of ways that avid coffee drinkers can enjoy the same great flavours with a guilt-free alternative to the typical cup of coffee.

At Novell Coffee, bringing our customers great-tasting coffee is at the heart of what we do - and with a commitment to ensuring that our suppliers get the fairest price both now and in the future, we’re dedicated to protecting the planet by sourcing products from the most eco-friendly and sustainable sources. Today, we’re bringing you our guilt-free coffee guide - so you can find out how to do your bit for the environment while enjoying an equally irresistible cup of coffee.

Biodegradable coffee pods

With more and more of us making the move to using barista-style coffee machines in the home, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy coffee exactly the way you like it - but the idea of the waste that comes with single-serve coffee capsules can often seem less than appealing for Earth lovers. Luckily, at Novell Coffee, we’re pioneers in combining mouth-watering coffee flavours with environmentally friendly coffee pods - so you can enjoy your favourite espresso with complete peace of mind.

Rather than being made from plastic or aluminium, these easy-to-use biodegradable coffee capsules deliver the same high standard of coffee in the exact same way as a standard coffee capsule, but will significantly reduce levels of waste. Over time, the biodegradable materials will break down and transform into something that’s harmless to the environment.


Compostable coffee pods

While not all biodegradable coffee pods will be compostable, all of our 100% compostable coffee pods are also fully biodegradable. Taking less time to complete the biodegradation process, compostable pods improve the nutrient levels of the soil in the long term - making this a more environmentally friendly alternative.


Fair trade coffee beans

Fair trade beans are certified by organisations that develop their standards according to the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation and/or FINE (the association of the four main fair trade networks) - ensuring that coffee is produced to the standards of fair trade. Certified fair trade coffee beans have a centrally determined minimum price, guaranteeing a certain income for fair trade farmers. The enforcement of fair trade practices prohibits both child and forced labour - meaning consumers can rest assured that their flavoursome coffee beans were produced and supplied ethically.


Organic coffee beans


Organic fair trade coffee beans

Organic coffee beans are grown without the assistance of artificial chemicals, instead using natural fertilisers such as coffee pulp, bocachi and general compost to ensure cleaner beans, water, air and land. Emitting less carbon than chemical farms, organic farms help to combat climate change. Organic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides can also improve the environment’s resistance to disease - strengthening the sustainability of the plantation and ensuring a healthy habitat for both wildlife and the people living on coffee farms. On a personal level, organic coffee beans are packed with healthy antioxidants - something which many coffee drinkers believe is evident in the taste.


UTZ-certified coffee

Launched in 2002 with the aim of implementing large-scale sustainability across the global market, the UTZ-certified label has become the largest program in the world when it comes to the sustainable farming of coffee and cocoa. Covering good agricultural practices, farm management and the environment, the UTZ-certified program is based on a model of continuous improvement - to bring customers the highest quality coffee while also ensuring the sustainability of resources for coffee producers. The UTZ web-based traceability system also ensures that, throughout the supply chain, products have credible links to a UTZ-certified source - so you can enjoy your coffee safe in the knowledge that you know it’s come from a sustainable and eco-friendly source.

Never compromising on taste or quality, our UTZ-certified coffee beans are a decadent and delicious choice that promise sustainability and the protection of the environment - meaning you can drink coffee responsibly. Searching for a triple certified coffee with all the incredible taste of 100% Arabica beans? Our Organic Fairtrade coffee beans give you a chance to enjoy an Earth-friendly coffee which you can rest assured has been traded for a fair price throughout the supply chain.

Treat yourself to an irresistible, guilt-free brew by browsing our range of UTZ-certified and organic coffee beans today.

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