Your Customised Caffeine Fix: Gourmet Aficionado Edition

November 13, 2017

Your Customised Caffeine Fix: Gourmet Aficionado Edition

To you, coffee is so much more than a beverage. It’s a decadent early morning fix, an indulgent after-dinner treat and a lifelong passion. Sure, you love the caffeine - but what you really love is the opportunity to experiment to your heart’s content with flavours and brewing methods in search of your flavour of the month.

You’re a gourmet aficionado and the world is your oyster when it comes to speciality coffee - from gourmet beans and Nespresso capsules to single-origin coffee sourced from across the globe.

We’ve hand-picked a few of our most exclusive and exotic coffee products with you in mind - giving you inspiration for your new favourite blend and helping you find flavours that will take your daily brew to the next level. You can always count on us.

Nespresso-compatible capsules: Piu Aroma flavour

If you’ve got access to a Nespresso brand coffee machine at home or at work, our capsules offer a luxurious alternative to the norm - and our Piu Aroma pods are perhaps the best Nespresso-compatible pods we sell when it comes to gourmet coffee. Boasting a delicate body, floral hints and touches of toasted nuts and mango, these capsules make for a scrumptious after-dinner indulgence - especially considering their lower caffeine content. Treat yourself to a 10-pack of our Piu Aroma blend for just £2.99.

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Black Label coffee beans

When it comes to gourmet coffee beans, it doesn’t get much better than our Black Label - priced at just £12.95 for a 1kg bag. Grinding your own coffee beans gives you complete control over your blend - allowing you to customise every cup in line with your personal tastes and brewing equipment. Hints of fudge, liquorice, wood and pine nuts make this a highly sophisticated blend and an exciting substitute for your day-to-day brew - whether you want to start the day with a burst of flavour, spice up your afternoon coffee or end a meal with a bang. Made with a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans, this dark roast is intense and unforgettable.

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Cafe de Finca coffee beans

Nothing says exclusivity like a single-origin microlot coffee that updates every month - giving you access to an ever-changing speciality coffee product and helping you stumble upon mouthwatering new blends from across the world. Smooth, elegant and delicious without exception, our Cafe de Finca beans provide pure luxury at the touch of a button. Priced at just £7.50 per 250g bag, this product is your key to a gourmet brew all year round.

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It’s time to treat yourself to a sumptuous new coffee blend, whether you’re planning on grinding your own beans by hand or leaving the hard work to your Nespresso capsule machine. Say goodbye to ‘good enough’ and hello to gourmet today.