Considered both an energising morning must-have and a go-to treat across the globe, coffee means many things to many people. Home-serve coffee machines now offer everyone the chance to make their own barista-style coffee - with flavoursome, eco-friendly and easy-to-use coffee capsules taking the market by storm.

At Novell Coffee, we’re particularly proud of our Nespresso-compatible pod range, which boasts a broad variety of irresistible flavours, authentic ingredients and innovative blends - as well as being biodegradable and, in some cases, UTZ-certified and 100% compostable. By browsing our collection of environmentally friendly coffee capsules below, from our indulgent Intenso coffee capsules to the unmistakable Piu Aroma, you can find flavours you’re guaranteed to love.

Whether you can’t resist an almond milk latte or you’re serving a smooth-tasting espresso in your affogato, premium coffee capsules like ours are guaranteed to give your tastebuds a treat like no other. As any keen coffee drinker will know, sourcing the perfect blend will depend on everything from your personal preference to the time of day or month of the year. That’s why we’ve made all of our best-selling coffee pods Nespresso compatible, so you can enjoy our great-tasting coffee all year round.