There’s nothing quite like a delicious morning pick-me-up - except perhaps a delicious morning pick-me-up that’s 100% guilt-free. At Novell Coffee, we’re committed to championing eco-friendly practices in the coffee sector, in the UK and beyond - and that’s where our compostable coffee capsules come in. Combining all the flavour of our other Nespresso-compatible pods with environmentally friendly credentials, these capsules strike the ultimate balance of scrumptious flavour and sustainability.

If you’re an Earth lover unwilling to compromise on taste, our 100% compostable, biodegradable coffee pods are made for you. Available in our popular Intenso flavour (bursting with aromas of cereal and vanilla), as well as a flavourful decaf alternative which retains all the taste and character of an espresso, our range of eco-friendly Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules guarantee that you’ll find a brew to suit you - whether you’re looking for an early-morning caffeine hit or an indulgent afternoon treat.

Traditional coffee pods can be less than convenient when it comes to recycling - and as biodegradable materials break down over a period of years, our 100% compostable coffee capsules offer a welcome solution to the issues associated with recycling single-serve coffee pods. Created using bio-based materials including ecovio, these new capsules are designed to eliminate waste in 4-12 weeks, without altering the delicious flavour or aroma found across our entire coffee range. Simply throw them in with your organic recycling when you’re done.

These Nespresso-compatible capsules are certified organic and have the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to thank for their amazing taste - so on top of being our most environmentally friendly coffee products yet, these pods also packed with irresistible, all-natural ingredients. Better yet, they’re completely compatible with all Nespresso machines - meaning you won’t need updated tech to enjoy an upgrade in taste.

Ready to take your daily coffee fix to the next level? Once you’ve chosen your flavour below, simply buy your compostable coffee pods online today and get them delivered anywhere in the UK.