Kitchen Design Ideas for Coffee Addicts Everywhere

June 23, 2017

Kitchen Design Ideas for Coffee Addicts Everywhere

Coffee is more than just the nation’s favourite drink, coffee is an artform - which is why it’s such a powerful theme for incorporating into a home’s interior. From the strong aromas to the generous dose of caffeine, there’s nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee - and as any coffee addict will know, that means having all the equipment close to hand so that you can get it just right every time.

At Novell Coffee, we’re passionate about all things coffee, and we love the idea of reflecting that in the home. That’s why, today, we’re breaking down a number of ways that you can incorporate coffee-making essentials and accessories into your interior design theme. With our help, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to convert your kitchen into a coffee-themed paradise.


1. Adorn the wall with coffee-themed art and accessories

Putting your own stamp on a place means you can transform your house into a home - and for coffee addicts, that means getting creative and combining practical needs with your passion for a barista-style brew. Embellishing the wall with printed canvases of Arabica beans will enhance the overall aesthetic of the room, but why stop there? For a space-saving solution that’s all about elegance, decorate your kitchen walls with vintage-style mug hooks - and that way, your next cup of coffee will always be within easy reach.


2. Invest in a set of coffee scales

As any coffee aficionado will know, a quality set of coffee scales is crucial when it comes to measuring out coffee beans for roasting at home. Countertop scales that are smaller in size will fit the bill and won’t distract from the design of the interior. Whether it’s for a cold brew or homemade coffee cake, by always having your trusty kitchen scales on hand, you can master the art of the brewing the perfect cup of coffee.


3. Guarantee freshness with airtight mason jars

Storage is everything when it comes to busy domestic spaces like the kitchen - and when you factor in the array of different strengths and flavours of coffee, it couldn’t be more important for a self-confessed coffee addict. Whether you’re struggling for cupboard space or looking to make every cup that little bit more convenient, filling a range of vintage-style mason jars with your favourite coffee beans will add a new level of style and sophistication to your countertop. The airtight lock means you can enjoy fresh coffee time and time again - just make sure your jars are stored out of the way of direct sunlight.


Kitchen design ideas for coffee lovers


4. Treat your home to a coffee machine

Whether you’re an expert in all there is to know about coffee or need a reliable caffeine fix as part of your hectic lifestyle, investing in a home-serve coffee machine for your kitchen is an absolute must. For coffee addicts across the globe, there’s nothing better than the simplicity of creating a cappuccino, latte or espresso from the comfort of your home - and the ease of use, combined with the endless variety of capsules on offer, makes this a no-brainer. Whatever style of machine you choose, with an array of Nespresso-compatible options available, you won’t be limited to Nespresso pods, either - so you can enjoy a scrumptious supply of coffee that’s tailored to your taste buds.

While mocha-toned walls will set the atmosphere for your café-style kitchen, there are countless other ways that you can combine fashion with function in a coffee-themed home.

Ready to get started? Stock up on our most decadent and delicious flavours online today, and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Whether you’re looking to brew your own with our first-class coffee beans or can’t wait to try our Nespresso-compatible capsules collection, we’ve got you covered.