A Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Capsule for Every Office Personality

May 19, 2017

A Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Capsule for Every Office Personality

The workplace is home to an array of weird and wonderful characters, often creating a vibrant atmosphere as well as some mid-week entertainment. There are a number of things any business owner or manager can try in pursuit of increased productivity - from finding the right office furniture and designing your workspace with motivation in mind to harnessing colour psychology and investing in streamlined online accounting software - but adjusting your coffee machine setup to match the characteristics of your employees is becoming increasingly important. Without shaking things up, your staff may soon grow tired of the same basic blend.

Thanks to the incredible range of options when it comes to coffee capsules, there really is a flavour for everyone - whether it's a potent blend for the tenacious team members putting in over time, or an elegant fusion of flavours for the more artistic members of the office. Every employee should be able to find a cup that suits them - and if you’re looking for ideas, we’re breaking down our range of Nespresso-compatible capsules to make your decision a little easier.



Every office needs their straight shooters - the men and women who keep the wheels turning in times of hardship. They don't need a pat on the back, nor do they seek praise - they get the job done and do it well.

Why fuss when there are important tasks at hand? Yes, I could add caramel to my coffee, but that would waste time that I don't have. For these employees, a powerful, rich blend of Arabica and Robusta Italian-inspired coffee should more than suffice when it comes to fuelling their working efforts. Cremoso is no-nonsense Nespresso-compatible coffee at its best. Straight to the point - exactly how they like it.



If there are a few people on your team who enjoy the taste but not the caffeine rush, this is the way forward. All the same beautiful flavours found in any of our coffees, but without the same kick. An ideal choice for for employees who don’t need a caffeine fix, or for those hyperactive members of the team who could do without the extra energy.

Decaffeinato is the perfect cup of coffee for anyone looking for that beautiful, fresh taste but hoping to pass on the caffeine high - thanks to an all-natural CO2 decaffeination process which allows it to retain all the aroma and flavour. If your nervous system needs a break, decaf is the coffee for you.



Got some office daredevils on your hands? The guys who order the spiciest dish on a staff night out and aren't known for doing things in half measures? Try to satisfy their courageous tastes with a cup of infused Arabica and Guatemalan Robusta coffee that will be sure to deliver the powerful taste they’re craving.

Our most popular blend, and great as an espresso or with milk, Intenso is fuel for the brave - the people who fearlessly pitch the first idea, take risks and add unique character to your office. Treat them accordingly - don't suppress their energy, fuel it!


Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up. For those who want a lighter option with a little less kick, Leggerissimo is the Nespresso-compatible capsule of choice. With a combination of 50% high-grown Arabica coffees, the hybrid option has an indirect kick - with reduced levels of caffeine for members in need of a little kick-start to their day, or less of a kick late in the afternoon.

There’s no reason to look at the clock for your next cup - Leggerissimo's smooth, citric aroma gives your employees that extra boost without the manic caffeine rush - perfect for pacing throughout the day!


Piu Aroma

Every office is home to its own fashion enforcers - those up-to-date with the latest styles and trends while introducing you to that unknown band, bar or restaurant you’ve never heard of. These characters take pride in their individuality, embracing the diverse and unique tastes that shape who they are.

Piu Aroma provides an enticing and elegant lift, infusing floral scents alongside mango hints. This 100% premium Arabica coffee provides a smooth taste, either as an espresso or with milk, and is for employees who are different - eager to break away from the norm and try new things. If you have some free spirits in the office, pour them a cup of this one-of-a-kind brew.


100% Compostable Intenso & Decaf

In every office across the globe, there are forward-thinking employees with one eye on environmentally friendly practices at all times. These team members are committed to saving paper, drinking from the eco-friendly water filter and cycling into the office - and for these green-minded heroes, there are two perfect Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Intenso 100% Certified Organic Coffee is the eco-friendly coffee for Earth lovers looking to enjoy a conscientious caffeine kick, offering a heavenly blend of premium Arabica and Robusta beans - all contained in a 100% compostable coffee capsule.

Eco lovers who aren’t looking for the same early morning pick-me-up will love the Novell Decaff Certified Organic Coffee - the 100% compostable coffee capsule created through an all-natural CO2 extraction process, allowing this premium Arabica coffee to hold onto every ounce of aroma and flavour.

When it comes to Nespresso-compatible capsules, there’s a taste to suit everyone. Explore our full range of coffee capsules for Nespresso machines to welcome new flavours and watch your workers flourish!

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