The War On Coffee Pods

August 07, 2018

The War On Coffee Pods

As landfills pile higher and higher and the population becomes more conscious of environmental struggles, an eco-friendly alternative to today’s imperishable coffee pods is becoming more and more sought after by all nature-loving coffee drinkers. And we have the answer. 

Coffee capsules are often packaged in unrecyclable materials and with nearly 28% of Brits owning a coffee pod machine at home, (according to a recent Mintel report) this is becoming a vast problem. Each day, tonnes of everlasting waste products are shipped to landfill sites where they will stay for hundreds of years. Their durable qualities prevent the pods from ever breaking down and as landfills overflow with rubbish, we’re running out of sites to leave it. 

However, as sustainability becomes a significant part of modern life, the coffee industry is beginning to meet these needs. Here at Novell, we are dedicated to making sure we’re doing our bit for the planet; this can be achieved with your help. Our coffee pods are made from biodegradable materials which will eventually break down into something that is harmless to the environment rather than being manufactured from plastic or aluminium which will build up into trash towers over a short period.  

Why not take it a step further with our 100% compostable pods? These take less time to break down, just 12 weeks, provide nutrients for the surrounding soil making them even better for the environment and they still have the same great taste as our other products. By significantly reducing waste, we are keeping our promise to being sustainable. When you by our coffee, the Earth comes first in every mug. You can find our 100% compostable pods in our irresistible Intenso flavour or decaf here.