Three Ways Coffee Fans Are Changing the World for The Better

September 27, 2019

Three Ways Coffee Fans Are Changing the World for The Better

There is no one more determined or more focused than a coffee drinker – we all know that caffeine is nothing short of a superpower. We wanted to explore super coffee drinkers a little further, because it seems like they are changing the world and putting it to rights this year!


This year has been one of the most influential years for change in the coffee community. Sustainability advocates such as Greta Thunberg have made most of the world think differently about their impact on the planet and the direct implications our daily habits have on climate change and waste. And, whilst, we admit, the coffee industry has been one of the most targeted communities for their waste (2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK), the public have been quick to respond. Here’s a pat on the back from us for the three main ways coffee lovers are changing the world for the better.


Re-Useable Cups

Coffee lovers everywhere are ditching single use coffee cups in exchange for stylish multi-use coffee cups. From the original KeepCup to the stylish glass and plastic flasks now available, both for hot and cold brews, coffee fans have stepped up to the mark and made their love for coffee even more suave and eco-friendly, ditching plastic straws for metal or bamboo reusable ones and bringing along their cup to reduce their waste impact.


Going Solo

Not only have coffee lovers ditched the cups but a lot of people are going it solo for their coffee adventures. With recent news of big coffee companies evading tax, more and more coffee fans are voting with their wallet and leaning on themselves for their coffee. Investing in a coffee machine or some high-quality coffee at home doesn’t just mean making a statement, it also means less waste, less fuel and more money in your pocket.


Coffee with a Conscience

Coffee machines are undoubtedly one of the best inventions yet, but with coffee machines usually comes coffee capsule waste. From non-recyclable capsules to capsules which have to be dropped off at specific centres, coffee lovers want to have their cake and eat it! More and more of you are taking note of the materials in your coffee machine capsules and opting for compostable, zero waste capsules. Recent research suggests that every minute about 29,000 capsules are dumped in landfill sites so this eco-friendly choice can literally change the world for the better.


From a team of coffee lovers to another, we commend you! Keep calm and drink coffee!