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Three Ways to Enjoy Coffee More Sustainably in 2020

January 31, 2020


The UK’s coffee habit has been getting them into trouble recently, as lots of us turn our thoughts to reducing our impact upon the planet and doing our bit to prevent climate change. The coffee industry is famous for its wastefulness from the plastic pollution to unsustainable production, but we don’t need to fear the worst and swear off the beans forever. Here are three ways to easily enjoy coffee more sustainably in 2020.


Reusable Cups

Plastic waste is a huge problem among coffee lovers. Most of us stop at a coffee shop at least once a day for our usual caffeine buzz. The problem is that we often forget that a single use cup a day adds up! Thanks to a push for more minimal waste, there is now a great wide market of reusable coffee cups to choose from, which makes lessening our impact on the planet easy when we’re just a little more organised and pop a reusable cup in our bag. Even better – most coffee shops provide a discount for eco-friendly coffee lovers who pass over a reusable cup!


Ensure Sustainable Sourcing

Due to closer regulations, coffee roasters have to be clearer about sourcing their beans and ingredients. Recent research has shown coffee bean harvesting to be spoiling areas and contributing to carbon footprint. At Novell Coffee, we only use the finest quality Arabica and Robusta beans and regularly revisit the sustainability of how we source them.


Better Coffee Capsule Choices

A lot of us are trying to reduce waste by enjoying coffee at home rather than out and about, but that can add up too. Coffee machine capsules are not easily recyclable or biodegradable and a lot of coffee fans find it difficult to make a sustainable choice when companies actively hide how to safely dispose of their capsules in their small print.


At Novell Coffee, we wanted to change this. That’s why we have been working on bioplastic research and have created a 100% compostable coffee capsule to do our bit to reduce coffee waste. These trusty capsules are designed to fit Nespresso machines, the most popular of today’s coffee trends, and come in five different well-loved flavours of Novell. Find out more and shop the range here.


To coffee lovers everywhere, here is to a greener but just as delicious year!

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