Three Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee in a Sustainable Wa

February 16, 2019

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee in a Sustainable Wa

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee in a Sustainable Way

Recent news about the effects of coffee on the planet have left caffeine lovers reeling and we understand! We’re addicted to our coffee but we all want to enjoy it in a safe and sustainable way. Before you swear off all coffee, we’re here to tell you that there are ways you can continue to enjoy your coffee that are sustainable and planet-friendly! Here are three ways to enjoy your coffee in a more sustainable way.


Vote with Your Wallet

Larger coffee companies won’t change their ways until you hit them where it hurts – in the pay check! When looking for coffee, be sure to support brands who harvest coffee in a respectable and sustainable way. A little bit of research can go a long way to ensuring that you can enjoy your coffee properly. Where to start? We recommend researching the quality of the coffee beans, where they are harvested from, whether it is a fair trade and the rights for workers and then look at their waste and how responsible they are with it. Give your custom to coffee shops, brands and coffee sellers whose concern for sustainability aligns with yours.


Ditch the One-Use Cup

In the UK alone, we use around 7 million disposable coffee cups every single day. This creates billions of cups of waste every single year which has devastating effects on the planet – but the solution is so simple and easy! Vow to stop purchasing coffee with one-use cups and instead purchase a couple reusable coffee cups. There are now lots of brands who specifically design cups to be the same shape and depth as the one-use coffee cup, so they are barista-friendly and align with the typical coffee shop cup sizes. If you do this for your morning commute coffee every day for one year, that’s around 300 cups less in waste!


Go Compostable

Real coffee lovers want to achieve their coffee shop perfect cup right at home, so the waste usually extends to their kitchen. If you have a coffee machine, it most likely works with coffee pods and capsules. Have you thought about the materials that you’re putting in the bin each time you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at home? Swap out any coffee capsules that aren’t serving the planet for 100% compostable capsules instead. Our latest coffee capsules are Nespresso-compatible and 100% compostable – gone without a trace in 12 weeks!


Just by making these simple changes, you can continue to enjoy your favourite drink with a light conscience. Remember that the more you care for the planet now, the more coffee we can enjoy in the future! How are you changing your coffee habits to be more sustainable?