Your Customised Caffeine Fix: Workday Warrior Edition

October 24, 2017

Your Customised Caffeine Fix: Workday Warrior Edition

The morning commute is unmanageable without your 8am fix. You count down the minutes at work, waiting for your next red hot cup of the good stuff. No lunch break is complete without a caffeine kick and, when you don’t have access to your favourite blend, office hours drag on for what feel like days.

You’re a workday warrior, and you deserve the best when it comes to coffee. That’s where we come in.

We’ve handpicked a selection of our most delicious, caffeine-loaded coffees just for you, from Nespresso-compatible capsules to gourmet ground coffee - helping you to take on the working day with a smile and find bold new flavours guaranteed to see you through early mornings, hectic afternoons and evening overtime. We’ve got your back.

Nespresso-compatible capsules: Intenso flavour

Intenso flavour Nespresso-compatible capsules

If your office has a Nespresso-brand coffee machine, we’ve got just the thing. Compatible with all Nespresso machines, our Intenso capsules pack quite a punch and are sure to get you through even the longest working days. So, if you need Nespresso pods but want to explore a world of new flavours, aromas and intensities, these are the capsules for you. With a cereal and vanilla scent, combined with the strong, unmistakable taste of washed Robusta beans, a 10-pack of these pods costs just £2.99.

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Nespresso-compatible capsules: Cremoso flavour

Cremoso flavour Nespresso-compatible capsules

With scrumptious flavours of chamomile and toasted bread, our Cremoso coffee pods are ideal for spicing up your first brew of the day or taking the edge off an afternoon spent hard at work. Another of our most popular Nespresso-compatible capsules, each Cremoso pod offers a healthy dose of caffeine infused with both Arabica and Robusta coffees. With a pack of 10 priced at just £2.99, a single pack should see you right through the working week - meaning you can indulge in a daily caffeine fix with deliciousness guaranteed in every drop.

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100% Arabica ground coffee

100% Arabica ground coffee

Level up your workday caffeine fix by substituting your uninspiring instant blend for a rich espresso made using our 100% Arabica coffee. Bring some flavour into office hours with a sweet, aromatic cup of the good stuff created from the world’s finest coffee beans and available online in 250g bags so that you can stock up now and combine your daily caffeine kick with an irresistible taste. We pride ourselves on offering the best ground coffee there is - so why settle for less?

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Ready to take your weekday fix to the next level? Workday warriors across the UK can combat boardroom boredom and desk time drowsiness by exploring our mouthwatering range of coffee pods, beans and ground coffee products online.